We will create a single
system for the comprehensive security of your objects
We're changing your
image of security
in reality

Alarm signaling and alarm systems, electrical fire alarm and access control,
camera systems, evacuation radio,

telecommunication technology

No network is an obstacle for us


Army and police

Buildings and facilities that serve military and police purposes we can equip with a modern CCTV system, electronic access control, or other necessary elements according to your wishes. In addition to electronic protection elements, we also supply mechanical barrier systems such as fences or cards.

State offices and institutions

We fully provide security systems for all state institutions: customs administration, financial offices, social security administration, labor offices, trade, cadastral, building and matriarchal offices. We provide fully functional in-house and access telecommunication networks.

Industrial and commercial objects

We provide security and telecommunication solutions for all types of commercial and industrial buildings, from warehouses and logistics parks to power plants, mines and similarly large objects. For our alarms and CCTV systems, you can use Electronic fire alarm systems and public address system as well.

Financial institution and banks

We provide security and telecommunication services to banks and other financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges or pension fund buildings. We will connect your telecommunication networks and provide comprehensive security for your premises.

Airport, train station, terminals

We will install the highest quality safety devices at airports, railway stations, transport terminals and subway, and set up systems to ensure a smooth and safe run of the busy traffic junction. We will cover the premises by telecommunication network in-house, international and transport.

Public objects and buildings

We specialize in public buildings and other buildings, to ensure the safe operation of medical facilities, sports facilities, halls and similar places. We supply a reliable camera system integrated with an electrical input protection, alarm system, fire alarm and more.



Data networks

Alarm Security and Emergency Systems (PZTS)

Access Control Systems (ACS)

Mechanical barriers

Cameras (CCTV)

Electronic fire alarm systems (EPS)

Radio exchanges

Telephone exchanges

Convergence of telephone networks

Management of technical protection systems

Service and assembly service